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Oct 08,2015
China will implement a negative list system of market access
Recently, the central comprehensively deepen reforms leading group held its sixteenth meeting, reviewed and approved "on the implementation of market access for the negative list system views." Negative comments on the...
Oct 08,2015
Automation crushing waste tires normal concern
To demonstrate the new tire crushing waste tires normal environmental technology manufacturing automation equipment for China's waste tire processing to enhance the level of equipment in the new situation...
Oct 08,2015
Korean series tires involved in Chinese anti-monopoly investigation
Following Audi, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz and other car brand after another to be punished, the automotive industry antitrust gain another victory.September 10 morning, the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission...
Oct 08,2015
China Goes Global Lacks what tire
September 28-29, more than 400 people attended a meeting held in Weihai, Shandong Province, which is the Triangle Group's "triangle tire brand to the global summit.Tire World Network noted that the theme...
Oct 08,2015
Why China should implement tire labeling system
Recently, the "tire labeling system research" work report released by research group, said the implementation of green tire labeling in China (non-mandatory tire grading) system is essential. Ministry official also said that...
Oct 08,2015
China to speed up the industrialization process of the green tire
In recent years, the green tire industry, causing national ministries, industry associations and tire companies attention and participation. According to the World Network tire understood that, since 2012 of the green tire industry ...
Oct 08,2015
International tire industry was six trends
September 8 - 9 May, the tire labeling system research and development test tire technology seminar held in Yancheng. "Tire labeling system research" group China Rubber Industry Association in his work report...
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