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Why China should implement tire labeling system
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  Recently, the "tire labeling system research" work report released by research group, said the implementation of green tire labeling in China (non-mandatory tire grading) system is essential. Ministry official also said that the development of the tire labeling system is imminent.

  For the implementation of the necessity and purpose tire system, which gives the group a clear reason.

  Data show that in 2014 China's total tire production reached 562 million, an increase of 6.24%, which radial tire production 511,000,000, an increase of 7.35%. Among these, all-steel radial tire production 112,000,000, an increase of 4.67%; semi-steel radial tire production 399,000,000, an increase of 8.13%; bias tire production of 051 million, 3.77% lower. In 2014, the national rate of radial tire reached 90%, an increase of one percentage point.

  The proportion of domestic tire product mix, although the bias tire production structure declining trend, but the proportion of high-performance tires in radial tire production is very low, while the energy-saving, environmental protection, safe green tire is still in the process of industrialization.

  The Task Force believes that, in order to promote China's green tire industry, improve the quality of Chinese tires, expand the proportion of domestic high-end tires, tire adapt to domestic and foreign consumers to buy high-quality requirements, pay close attention to the implementation of green tire label study in China (not mandatory tire grading) system is essential.

  It believed that through the implementation of tire labeling system can achieve the following three objectives:

  1, to promote the industrialization process of the green tire, reducing tire in carbon dioxide emissions.

  2, to promote tire manufacturing use environmentally-friendly non-toxic materials, the implementation of four low (low energy consumption, low noise, low dust, low flue gas) process route, speed up the elimination of backward production capacity and promoting cleaner production pace.

  3, so that consumers buy tires more intuitive, direct discrimination tire quality of the merits by the tire label and increase brand credibility in the minds of consumers, to effectively curb the inferior products to disturb the market.

  According to the World Network understand tire, Europe, Japan and other developed countries have introduced tire labeling regulations, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, the rhythm of implementation of tire labeling regulations are also faster.

  The group said that China, as a tire manufacturing country, if the introduction of labeling regulations are not prepared to do, is lagging behind in this respect from other countries, and other countries will be forced to accept tire labeling regulations, there are likely to face technical barriers .

  At present, the Chinese tire manufacturing tire labeling regulations introduced high voice, to develop Chinese tire labeling system is urgently needed. In recent years, domestic roads have been built in line with EU and other countries experiments regulatory requirements, have to do the road test conditions, while consumers are more and more attention to environmental protection, safety and economic performance of the tire. But the relevant standards and regulations are not perfect, and methods of detection, authentication methods, product evaluation and classification aspects of lack of experience, must accelerate research.

  The Task Force believes that the introduction of the tire labeling system should be based on the "green tire specification" as determined based on compliance with the specification of tires, before marketing labeling, to mark the tire fuel efficiency, wetlands adhesion and noise performance, ease of consumers.

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