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International tire industry was six trends
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  September 8 - 9 May, the tire labeling system research and development test tire technology seminar held in Yancheng. "Tire labeling system research" group China Rubber Industry Association in his work report, summarizes the development trend of the international tire industry.

  According to the tire World Network, at present, the global tire companies located in 46 countries and regions in the world, the world tire industry has been formed to large multinational companies dominated highly intensive industry groups. Group diversification and differentiation has become the world tire industry development is a major feature. Three American and Japanese tire producer accounting for nearly 1/3, 12% and 7% respectively of the world, other South Korea, Germany, France each accounted for 2% -5% down.

  The Task Force believes that the international tire industry is showing a six trends.

  A trend, tire production from West to East, an increasingly competitive market. Developing economies competing rapid development, showing from the West to the East, from the United States and Europe to Asia to expand tilt trend.

  Trends, tire production growth mode from quantity expansion forward to enhance the quality and variety of directions. Production growth in the next five years can be roughly maintained in the range of 4.5% -5%, mainly by seeking to reduce the cost of the conventional tire and the pursuit of the development of high-performance, ultra-high performance and versatility of the new tires to improve enterprise efficiency. Innovation has become an inexhaustible driving force for enterprises, in the development of innovation, innovation in development. Form structure of the world tire industry will also be a series of changes, wind turbulence, differentiation, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring will come and go, intensified.

  Three trends, the Big Three hegemony and business groups dominating the top ten tire situation will be a new situation. The former world market share is likely to shrink to 40%, while the top ten group will be expanded to more than 30%. World top ten Chinese Zhongce Rubber Group has broke.

  Trend four, integration, international economic rising tide tire. The world's top five tire companies factories around the world, the proportion of overseas production base has accounted for 60% -80% at Headquarters; other top ten enterprises also have to set up factories overseas, global development, as into the world, it grows stronger an important strategic tool, increasing power to be strengthened. Founder of multinational enterprise groups, to seize the domestic and international market, with a number of production bases overseas, will be recognized as our strength, enhance international competitiveness, an important symbol of business in a strong development status.

  Trend five, tire conglomerate mode of operation will be to diversify forms. In addition to current human, financial, production, supply and factories, technical centers unified integration of traditional enterprise management mode, mainly extending upstream and downstream industries. First, take the direct supply of raw material cartel way for the development of raw materials within the system, run by natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black and synthetic and steel cord factories, or as needed to ensure the timely delivery of raw materials and reduce procurement costs , to ensure normal production run. Second, the implementation tires deepen the service system, set up shop outside the retail tire tire recycling old tires, tires detected; establish retreading plants, the implementation of the new tires to retread old then eventually to scrap recycling train system.

  Trend six, the tire industry green. Use of green materials, the use of clean production technology, production of green tires, factories achieve pollution-free, zero emissions, tire products to achieve security, energy saving and environmental protection. In the future, run-flat safety tires, energy-saving low rolling resistance tires automobile fuel consumption, noise-free quiet environment-friendly high-performance and ultra-high performance tires and other tires, will gradually replace existing products become mainstream. Smart and functional tire proportion will gradually increase.

  The group said in the report, the development path towards the tire industry is to seek business diversification, diversification and achieve large-scale, specialization; promote the production of low cost, multi-species oriented, process efficiency, energy-saving, lightweight product ,miniaturization. The entire tire industry to achieve green, circular economy based, and internationalization is the general trend of the world tire industry in the future.

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