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China to speed up the industrialization process of the green tire
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  In recent years, the green tire industry, causing national ministries, industry associations and tire companies attention and participation.

  According to the World Network tire understood that, since 2012 of the green tire industry was officially launched, as of now, related work processes are accelerated.

  The following is Chinese green tire to the process of industrialization in the Calendar of Events.

  April 2012 - March 2013, the Ministry commissioned by the China Rubber Industry Association, the organization focused on tire manufacturers to develop and improve the "energy consumption per unit product tire", "tire industry clean production evaluation index system" and other standards.

  In March 2014, released China's first "green tire technical specifications," and began the trial. The specification of green tires are defined, and proposed green tire production process practice green manufacturing philosophy, promote green use.

  In May 2014, in order to expedite the implementation of the green tire industry, China Rubber Industry Association set up by the major tire business leaders in command of the "green tire industry to facilitate the work of the Commission", set up a "green tire technology support center," bear green tire industrialization promotion and technical support work to ultimately promote the implementation of tire labeling system.

  In June 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Raw Materials Division to "tire system on research commissioned label letter" issued a "tire labeling system" issues.

  In August 2014, held in Beijing, all members of the "tire labeling system research" group by the relevant branch (Professional Committee) Secretary-General and the main raw material production enterprises to participate in the work will be. Conference on labeling system research and environmentally friendly raw materials guide the two topics were discussed, a clear system of research labels, product testing and environmental materials research Index of three sub-project leader, that "the tire labeling system research" working assumption discuss each child task division, study report outline the progress made in the preparation of research reports and the completion time, and meeting minutes.

  September 2014, the sub-project leader to submit research priorities and sub-topics of research reports outline the preparation and progress of the work.

  October 2014, the sub-project leader to submit the draft report.

  October 2014 to complete the "tire industry clean production evaluation index system," the draft changes.

  In November 2014, to complete the "green tire Technical Specifications" pilot case study, a summary trial period during which comments and suggestions feedback.

  In November 2014, to complete the "tire industry clean production evaluation index system" and reported.

  In December 2014, convened by the double money, Michelin, Bridgestone Tire Branch experts and participate in the "tire labeling system feasibility study report" seminar in Shanghai. Meeting on the preliminary research work of the tire labeling system, in particular the implementation of summary cases, to prepare an outline of the report, implementation of tire labeling preparation for discussion of such issues, and meeting minutes.

  December 2014, completed modification "tire labeling system research" preliminary.

  In January 2015, held in Beijing, "the tire labeling system research" work will be, the Secretary-General to all group members and related professional clubs (Professional Committee) have jointly listen to the sub task related to the report, proposed amendments, the formation of the meeting Minutes.

  In February 2015, to the public solicitation "Tire Label Style" collection period of two months, we received a total of more than 20 label styles.

  In March 2015, to complete the "green tire raw materials Recommended Guide" first edition of the preparation, review, edit, and print.

  In April 2015, issued "Recommended Guidelines green tire raw materials" first edition.

  To accelerate the implementation of China's tire labeling system, so that consumers and automobile manufacturers on the concept of green tires, safe use and maintenance of green tires have a correct understanding of China Rubber Industry Association planning, "China Green Tire Safety Week" a large public activities, for the average consumer to promote its green tire knowledge, promote the safe use and maintenance of green tires, green tires by end consumers increased awareness, and promote the healthy development of the green tire industry, and promote the implementation of tire labeling system.

  April 2015, China Rubber Industry Association, the eighth time director (executive) through the "China Green Tire Safety Week" charity event planning case.

  April to June 2015 to complete the "Chinese green tire safety week" LOGO design and web design, brochure writing, editing and printing, and complete the implementation of the program launching ceremony, local publicity materials design and production work.

  June 15, 2015, the success of "China Green Tire Safety Week" launch and promotional activities in Dalian, and start the green tire public service announcement in Shanghai.

  March 2015 - 8 month period, the Rubber Association by mail, telephone and other forms of solicitation on the "tire labeling system research," the report recommends three sub-topics, and modified and improved, completed three studies (electronic version) while the implementation of the road map proposed tire labeling system.

  September 2015, Yancheng in Jiangsu Province in the steam test site held a "tire labeling system research" project summary and seminars.

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