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China Goes Global Lacks what tire
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  September 28-29, more than 400 people attended a meeting held in Weihai, Shandong Province, which is the Triangle Group's "triangle tire brand to the global summit."

  Tire World Network noted that the theme of the forum is "to bring social progress, creating civilization for mankind," but the focus of many Chinese and foreign guests discussed, focused on one topic: the brand.

  Chinese enterprises generally lack of brand awareness

  In fact, with regard to the competitiveness of the brand, not just the tire industry in China, all of the manufacturing companies already have a consensus: in today's world, the brand has become the focus of competition, who has excellent brand, will have customers, the market and the future .

  However, an undeniable reality is that Chinese enterprises in the world in the process, very few really form brand tire business is no exception.

  It is reported that, after years of development, the industry in China has formed a relatively complete industrial system, China has become the world's largest tire producer and consumer countries. However, the domestic tire industry is not only the existence of overcapacity, weak independent innovation capability of the situation, the more prominent problem is the brand influence is not strong. China now have four or five tire companies to enter the global top 20 tire, but still lacks the Michelin, Goodyear tires as a global brand.

  To this end, on the Forum organized by the Triangle Group, the industry called for: Chinese tires to go global, win the respect and enhance the global commercial value, the urgent need to establish a green, safe, high-end, personalized brand new image.

  China International Trade Association executive director, former commissioner of Commerce in Shanghai, Zhang Guoqing that even the connotation of some domestic companies are not enough to understand the brand, think they are doing some advertising, or eligible for several awards, companies have a brand. As everyone knows, the brand is actually a consumer penetration in the bones of choice for consumers, it is a kind of recognition of the value of the concept. Chinese enterprises in the status quo in this regard worrying.

  Deng Yali China Rubber Industry Association, said tire triangle tire is an important production base of China, is an excellent representative of Chinese brands to the world. Over the years, triangle and improve R & D capabilities, with new materials, new technologies, new technology research and development production safety, energy saving, environmentally friendly green tires, performance tires, relying on technological innovation, lean production, excellent quality, comprehensive services, we are committed to to build a global brand. Triangle brand development speed and enterprise content simultaneously enhance its market influence and social image is improving.

  Triangle Tire is committed to building a global brand

  The chairman of Triangle Group Co., Ltd., DING Yuhua triangle eyes, speed up transformation and upgrading, branding economy is the only way to promote the Chinese tire industry to achieve globalization. He said the Triangle Group to build global tire brand has always been the core content development, both in the domestic first-out bias tire backward production capacity, or lead the international high-end market, all of the strategic objectives are focused on enhancing the global tire triangle brand competitiveness is.

  According to the tire World Network, at present, the proportion of the triangular international tire market reached 60%, which met with Goodyear, Caterpillar, Volvo, Terex, Liebherr company, General Motors, Daewoo Corporation, Doosan Corporation and other multinational companies to establish long-term partnerships in the replacement tire market, triangular products have been supplied to more than 170 countries and regions.

  According to analysts, in the triangle as the representative of a group of Chinese tires Advanced Enterprise, is the aid of intelligent manufacturing and innovation and upgrading, and strive to build a global brand of excellence, forming new competitive advantages, enhance the "Made in China" overall image and core competitiveness force.

  "Domestic enterprises have gradually to the world economic stage, dancing with the global brand and provide consumers around the world through green brand competitiveness, security products and services. The Chinese tire industry are exploring the road of international brands, is the 'Made in China' the hope. "An industry source said the tire World Network.

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