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China will implement a negative list system of market access
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  Recently, the central comprehensively deepen reforms leading group held its sixteenth meeting, reviewed and approved "on the implementation of market access for the negative list system views." Negative comments on the implementation of market access has made the list of top-level system design, specifically the general requirements, major tasks and supporting measures.

  Comments pointed out that the negative list system of market access, is expressly refers to the State Department to list in the territory of People's Republic of China listed prohibitions and restrictions on investment management industry, field, business and other levels of government to take appropriate management measures according to the law of a series of institutional arrangements . Industry negative list outside the areas of business and other types of market players Jieke equal access to the law.

  Comments made, the implementation of market access negative list system, to play a decisive role of the market in resource allocation and better play the role of government, the rule of law of the business environment, build a new open economic system, has an important significance.

  The general requirements of reform is: adhere to the direction of reform of the socialist market economy, the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources and better play the role of government to unify the transformation of government functions and management innovation combine to stimulate the market and strengthen the vitality overall up market supervision to relax and regulate market access, streamline and optimize the administrative examination and approval, strengthen market supervision and innovation, accelerate the construction of the market open, fair, orderly, independent decision-making, equal competition, a clear government responsibilities, effective market regulation The new access management system. Market access for developing a negative list, to adhere to the rule of law, security principles, the principle of gradual and necessary principle, the principle of openness.

  Opinion makes clear, the negative list include a ban on access to markets and restricted access access to classes, applicable to all types of market players on a voluntary initial investment, expansion of investment management behavior investments, mergers and acquisitions and other investments and other market access actions. To prohibit access issues, market players must not enter the administrative organ may not approve, approval, shall handle the relevant procedures; restrictions on access issues, or by the market players filed, administrative authorities shall decide whether to give access in accordance with regulations or go to the market access conditions and in accordance with the main access way government regulations compliance; to be put to the power companies to let go, put in position, so that the negative list of matters determined by the market players other than the law.

  Comments pointed out that negative market access to develop a unified list published by the State Council; local governments need to be adjusted, the State Council approved by the provincial government reported. Without the authorization of the State Council, all localities and departments shall publish a list of their own negative market access, market access will be allowed to increase or decrease the negative list of entries.

  According to a pilot, the principle of progressive open from 2015 to 2017, in some areas of market access trial negative list system, gain experience, and gradually improve, explore the negative list and the appropriate institutional mechanisms of the formation of a unified national market access From 2018 onwards formal implementation of a unified national market access negative list system.

  It is understood that, as the views of the annex, "the program of work regarding the development of market access reform of the negative list system" provides a negative list system to carry out the market access reform of procedural matters, from the development of purpose, definitions, scope, follow the principle of , reform tasks, supporting measures, organization and implementation, guidance and coordination, summarize and report, interpretation, entry into force of time, the pilot program proposed negative list of market access.

  Opinions requirements, market access negative list system, to do with the approval of the list of administrative matters, "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment" "government-approved investment project directory" as well as in accordance with laws, administrative regulations, the State Council decided to set up market access the convergence of management issues, and to continue to reform the examination and approval system, establish and improve the access mechanism and market access system to adapt to the negative list, the regulatory mechanism of social credit system and incentive disciplinary mechanisms, information publicity system and information-sharing systems, laws and regulations system, and to make provision.

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