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Automation crushing waste tires normal concern
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  To demonstrate the new tire crushing waste tires normal environmental technology manufacturing automation equipment for China's waste tire processing to enhance the level of equipment in the new situation, change the status quo deal with waste tires, waste tires 2015 spot at room temperature automated production line will be broken in October 2015 20- held in Guangzhou Panyu 22nd.

  It is understood that the meeting by the utilization of waste rubber Branch of China Rubber Industry Association, the main contents are: the increasing amount of Chinese scrap tires generated environmental impact analysis; domestic processing waste tires "little three" large number of applications, the potential threat analysis ; discarded tires at room temperature crushing, powder grinding equipment, domestic and foreign market analysis and trends; analysis of discarded tires at room temperature processing equipment technology development direction of the route and to explore potential markets.

  According to organizers, the meeting, industry experts will Guangzhou Jun Connaught Machinery Co., Ltd. Manufacturing "new waste tires crushing, milling automated production line equipment" for technical evaluation, at the same time, the organizers will organize visits to City Express Co. Environmental Technology The company developed "new energy-saving scrap tire grinding equipment."

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