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Off The Road Tire

The extra-deep tread pattern of L-5 gives outstanding wear life potential and the sidewall/tread intersection design gives an excellent level of damage and cut resistance.
front end loader
wheel loader
1. Ultra-large deepen block pattern and high strength carcass design. Specially for mining quarries, underground working loaders, and harsh working conditions, applies on steel slag, sand and stone pavement.
2. Unique structure and formula can effectively increases cutting resistance, recapping rate and improves anti-explosion ability.

TRA Code Size Ply Rating Tread Depth (mm) TT/TL Standard Rim Overall Dimension (mm) Max Load (kg) Max Pressure (kpa)
Section width Overall Dia 50km/h 10km/h 50km/h 10km/h
L-5 23.5-25 40 70 TT/TL 19.50/2.5 595 1675 12000 18000 600 750
L-5 17.5-25 24 58 TT/TL 14.00/1.5 445 1400 5000 9000 400 625

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