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Off The Road Tire

The E-3/G-3 is applied for the construction and mining area.
The extra-deep tread pattern provides superb traction and wearing performance. The unique tread compound supplies the best abrasion resistance and chunking resistance properties.
front end loader
wheel loader
carcass structure enhancement
great traction

1. Circumferential and transverse pattern design provide strong traction, stability, wet skid resistance and good self-cleaning property.
2. Mainly for loader, dozer and other construction vehicles working in hard and soft road conditions.

TRA Code Size Ply Rating Tread Depth (mm) TT/TL Standard Rim Overall Dimension (mm) Max Load (kg) Max Pressure (kpa)
Section width Overall Dia 50km/h 10km/h 50km/h 10km/h
E-3/G-3 17.5-25 20 24 TT/TL 14.00/1.5 445 1350 5000 8250 400 575

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