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Off The Road Tire

The efficient self-cleaning feature thanks to the special grooving geometry. The new version of ultimate traction and damage resistance in difficult working conditions reinforced the sidewall.
front end loader
wheel loader
carcass structure enhancement
great traction
suitable for mines and construction sites
1. New transverse pattern, enhanced strong shoulder and widen driving surface structure design applies to loader and dozer for mining and construction road condition.

TRA Code Size Ply Rating Tread Depth (mm) TT/TL Standard Rim Overall Dimension (mm) Max Load (kg) Max Pressure (kpa)
Section width Overall Dia 50km/h 10km/h 50km/h 10km/h
E-3/L-3(NEW) 23.5-25 20 31.5 TT/TL 19.50/2.5 595 1615 7300 10900 300 375
E-3/L-3(NEW) 23.5-25 18 31.5 TT/TL 19.50/2.5 595 1615 6700 10300 265 350

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