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High Quality Series

188 is engineered with a deep tread for long wear and it's an excellent steer and trailer application tire which is ideal for highway applications.
1. Special tread compound formula brings better wear resistance.
2. Suitable for mid-long distance on all kinds of good road.
3. It has superior driving and braking force as well as ground grip.

Size Ply Rating Standard Rim Load Index Speed Symbol Load Capacity (kg/lbs) Pressure (kpa/psi) Tread Depth(mm)
Single Dual
11.00R20 16PR 8.00 150/147 J 3350(7385) 3075(6780) 830(120) 16
11.00R20 18PR 8.00 152/149 J 3550(7830) 3250(7160) 930(135) 16

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